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Making a snowman

  • December 13, 2010 11:41 am

I just realized how badly I’ve neglected my blog.  That other social medium (yes, I am talking about Facebook!) tends to get all my frequent updates and take away from my need (or so I think) to blog.  But I want things chronicled in a place I can always leaf back through, and Facebook is not that place.

Yesterday we got our first winter storm of the season.  When all was said and done, maybe there’s about 5-6 inches of snow out there.  And now it’s cold.  Severely and bitterly cold.

In the beginning part of the storm, when temperatures hovered just around freezing and snow was flying about, we bundled Kira up in her new snow duds and sent her out on the deck to build a snowman with daddy.  She loved scuffing around in the snow and immediately started copying everything Joseph did.  She tried to roll snowballs, but that takes a bit more coordination than a 2 year old can handle.  She did master, and thoroughly enjoy, the art of packing snow on the snowman, which really just looks like a snowpile.  She would scoop up bits of snow, pack it on, and then say “there!”  So adorable.

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