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Realization and Bathtime Bonding

  • February 2, 2010 4:15 pm

I realized today that I am a very bad blogger.  The reason I am a bad blogger is because I spend way too much time planning and crafting my posts, thinking they have to be complete and ‘official’, in full essay and proper grammatical format.  Since I don’t have time to write essays each week, my blogging gets further and further behind.  Now that I’ve convinced myself that blogging is supposed to be fun, off-the-cuff, random anecdotes, I think that I might get better at this.

Today’s subject:  Bathtime

Bathtime is a mother’s answer to the last-hour-before-bedtime-crankiness dilemma.  By 6:45 pm, Kira has had supper, is tired of every toy she owns, and is either starting to get clingy/whiny or is starting to just get into things.  I, of course, am exhausted and hungry and counting the minutes until 7:30 so she can have the bottle and go to bed.  Sigh – I hate being a working mom.  So what is a tired mommy to do when she has a baby who wants attention that she’s too tired to give?  That’s right – bathtime!

We walk hand in hand into the bathroom and I start the water running.  She immediately leans over the edge of the tub to hold her hand under the faucet while I get her undressed.  She helps me undress her, stepping out of her pants and everything.  As soon as the diaper’s off, she turns to me and holds out her arms to be put in the tub.  Once there are a few inches of water, I settle onto a cushion on the floor and she splashes happily with her toys.  We babble and giggle at each other, bonding away, for 20-30 minutes until the inevitable battle that is basically “Kira stands up”, “Mommy says sit down”, “Kira sits down”, repeat.  Then it’s time to wash up and get the jammies on.

Lesson of the day:  Bathtime = moment of bonding with baby and relaxation for mom.

Picture?  Well, I was so gung ho to write a breezy blog that I have none handy.  So next time….

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