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10 Months Old, Halloween, and a New House!

  • November 2, 2009 10:30 pm

Sorry it’s been so long!  Kira has just celebrated turning 10 months old!







She’s growing up so fast.  She can walk while holding onto things, sit up and crawl, pull up to standing…all in the past month.  She’s got six teeth now and is really good at munching on things, including you, if you don’t get out of the way fast enough.  She jabbers all the time, making all sorts of cute noises and “words”.  She imitates things that you do, which is really fun.  She just gets more and more exciting as the days go by.

Kira was a Tennessee Volunteers cheerleader for Halloween.  Joseph was a good sport and took her to several houses to get candy so I could snap some pictures.  Then we bundled her into the stroller with warm blankets for the rest of the evening.  She had fun though, giggling at all the activity and even stayed pretty good-natured being out past her bedtime.  Grama knitted her warm booties and a hat and made her some mittens to keep her from being too cold.









Our wonderful visit from Auntie Simone came and went.  We had a great time, took a small vacation, and just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.  She and my mom hit it right off.  It was very sad when she had to go back to New Zealand.  We’re really hoping to make it out there next year for a visit (while Kira can still fly for free!)

In other news, we’re buying a new house!  Yay!  It’s just finishing being built and it’s only about a mile away from where we live now, so it’s a nice convenient move.  We’re doing all the mortgage paperwork and red tape, inspections, etc. and if all goes well, by December 1st we’ll be tucked away in our new house.  I can’t wait!  More to come in pictures and news about the house.  Below is a quick photo I snapped of the outside…landscaping just went in and there’s a few finishing touches still to be done, but it shows the general idea…


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  1. simone says:

    The perfect little cutie pie. Love the house. Can’t wait to see inside!

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