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Kira’s First Time with a Spoon

  • April 8, 2009 12:55 pm

I decided to start working on Kira’s spoon feeding last night.  She was getting fussy around 7pm and it was way too early for her next bottle.  So I thought, now’s a good time to try cereal, since 7pm is roughly when she’ll get it anyway.

So I sat her up in her bouncy seat on the table, smothered her in bibs, and mixed up a HUGE bowl of cereal – LOL.  I didn’t realize how much 1 tbsp cereal and 4 tbsp formula really turns into.

The first spoonful was pretty foreign and she didn’t want to open her mouth.  But the second spoonful she opened wide!  And just cracked up laughing – haha.  Same with the subsequent spoonfuls.  She didn’t spit the cereal out but seemed to not realize she needed to swallow.  I let her suck it off the spoon and that helped with the swallowing.  We made it about 6 spoonfuls (out of that huge bowl) and then she lost interest.

All in all a great first try.  Couple of photos down below…






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  1. Simone says:

    Kiras thoughts: *hic* what we doing here? Aww something you want me to put in my mouth, nooo problem…. ha ha it has stuff on it… ha ha you guys are funny! Swallow? Mmmm, oooo i can do that! Giggle.

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