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4 Weeks Old and Joseph’s Birthday

  • January 16, 2009 9:56 pm

Kira is 4 weeks old today!  I can’t believe it.  Seems like just yesterday she was being born.  Time is really flying.  She’s doing really well, holding her head up a lot, following objects with her head and eyes, and looking at us.  Most of the time she’s pretty content and not fussy, although she does have her squalling moments.  She sleeps about 4-5 hour stretches every night, which is pretty fantastic.


Playing with my cousin Isaac (6 months old)


Napping in a cozy little ball


Sleeping in my crib for the first time


Playing with my panda and my New Zealand puppet


I love my daddy

Tomorrow is Joseph’s birthday.  I surprised him with a Playstation 3 as a gift, so now I will probably never see him again except when I pass by his chair in front of the TV 🙂  I was happy to get it for him, and it counts as both a birthday and an anniversary gift.  (Our 2nd anniversary is next weekend.  We bought my gift today; I’ll post next week with details on what it is.)


Happy with the PS3 (kitty peeking round the side)

We went out today to have birthday lunch and buy accessories and games for the Playstation.  It was -22 C this morning before we left…very bitter cold.  The only thing making it slightly okay is the wind was really low; otherwise it would have been even more intolerable.  However, by the time the sun went down, the air was so cold it hurt to feel it on your skin.  We kept the baby bundled and covered any time she came near the outside air.


Going to need a path to get firewood from the shed

Tomorrow I will be cooking New Zealand lamb for Joseph’s birthday dinner.  My parents will be coming to help enjoy it.  Neither have ever had lamb before, so hopefully they will like it.  If not, Joseph and I will eat it all 🙂

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  1. Simone says:

    The lamb will be lovely! Your all looking sweet and happy! Lots of kisses!

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