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3 Weeks Old

  • January 9, 2009 7:32 pm

3 weeks old already!  Almost a whole month!  Sob   Time is flying, which is partly good because she gets easier to take care of as she gets older, but part of me wants her to stay little and squishy for a while longer.

Well, we survived the mall outing on Monday.  She was actually a good little baby.  She was a little fussy when we first got there, so my mom and I took turns feeding her in the cafe while we ate lunch.  After lunch, she fell fast asleep in her stroller and didn’t wake until near the end.  That’s when we discovered that we forgot to change her at lunch and she had wet all the way through her diaper, onesie, and pants.  She was pretty mad once we changed her and she was awake.  She cried so hard that she couldn’t take a breath, which sounds quite pitiful.  But other than the little glitch at the end, it was a successful shopping trip.


Ready to go shopping at the mall


My new outfit that Mummy bought


Yawn...why do people keep taking pictures of me?!?









On Tuesday she had a doctor’s appointment.  She’s only gained about 3 ounces in 2 weeks and shrunk an inch.  The loss of the inch is due to her loss of a conehead since birth, so that was okay.  The weight gain was not okay, as she’s still below her birth weight.  It basically confirmed that I was not producing enough milk to feed her properly (as I suspected), so we are feeding formula now.  I am disappointed that nursing (the most natural thing in the world!) didn’t work out, but bottles are proving to be much more convenient, so that’s a plus at least.  Other than her lack of weight gain, she’s in perfect health.  We’ll go back in 2 weeks to check her again.


Tired of waiting for the doctor now







She’s really starting to spend more time awake, so I’ve been trying to stimulate her by talking to her and having her look at her toy panda bear.  Babies her age see black & white best right now, so panda it is.  She stares at it for quite a while, and kicks and waves her arms and legs.  (Note:  I got that panda for 60 cents at a little secondhand store in Belmont (New Zealand).  We were fetching pizza from Hell one afternoon and walked past the shop and there was this adorable panda in the window that I felt sorry for and just had to buy.  Joseph still grumbles about it 🙂 )


Looking at my panda wore me right out


Talking to my panda


Check out my cool booties!







Tonight I gave her the first real bath.  She’s had a sponge bath or two, but I decided she was getting smelly and it was time to try out the baby tub.  She normally is fine during sponge baths, but she was very upset at the real bath.  I think it’s because I did it when she thought she should be eating, and she just wasn’t going to let me forget that I was simultaneously starving and drowning her.  But in the end, she survived and is now squeaky clean.


I hate this!


Still holding a grudge, even when I'm in my towel

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  1. Simone says:

    Clearly she loves being dirty, the indignity of a wash was just too much! 🙂

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