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11:30pm Christmas Eve

  • December 24, 2008 11:44 pm

A pleasant break after a crazy night with Melanie’s family. Love all the presents we got and was very impressed by Simone’s handywork. Mel’s mom was especially impressed. They were a bit concerned about all the sheep themed things. But what can I say – Kiwis like their sheep and wool.

More information to come when I or Mel have time. Very tired so going to bed.



  1. Simone says:

    Wool themed is because i like to knit.. i must say you might be slightly doomed in that respect. Hoped you like my random housey gifts! Perhaps i should of found more useful ones, but i wanted to give you something with a New Zealand flavour! I think the over abundence of wool is in sympathy for your cold weather,,, they are light, new zealandy and warm. Will post my xmas post on blog soon. We had a huge a lovely meal! It was really wonderful having Kylie around for it. Still trying to get mum on a blog.. it will happen!

  2. cara-joy says:

    i’m cold too! I want new zealandy, wooly simoney goodness!

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