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10 Months Old, Halloween, and a New House!

  • November 2, 2009 10:30 pm

Sorry it’s been so long!  Kira has just celebrated turning 10 months old!







She’s growing up so fast.  She can walk while holding onto things, sit up and crawl, pull up to standing…all in the past month.  She’s got six teeth now and is really good at munching on things, including you, if you don’t get out of the way fast enough.  She jabbers all the time, making all sorts of cute noises and “words”.  She imitates things that you do, which is really fun.  She just gets more and more exciting as the days go by.

Kira was a Tennessee Volunteers cheerleader for Halloween.  Joseph was a good sport and took her to several houses to get candy so I could snap some pictures.  Then we bundled her into the stroller with warm blankets for the rest of the evening.  She had fun though, giggling at all the activity and even stayed pretty good-natured being out past her bedtime.  Grama knitted her warm booties and a hat and made her some mittens to keep her from being too cold.









Our wonderful visit from Auntie Simone came and went.  We had a great time, took a small vacation, and just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.  She and my mom hit it right off.  It was very sad when she had to go back to New Zealand.  We’re really hoping to make it out there next year for a visit (while Kira can still fly for free!)

In other news, we’re buying a new house!  Yay!  It’s just finishing being built and it’s only about a mile away from where we live now, so it’s a nice convenient move.  We’re doing all the mortgage paperwork and red tape, inspections, etc. and if all goes well, by December 1st we’ll be tucked away in our new house.  I can’t wait!  More to come in pictures and news about the house.  Below is a quick photo I snapped of the outside…landscaping just went in and there’s a few finishing touches still to be done, but it shows the general idea…


9 Months Old

  • September 25, 2009 9:40 am

Kira is 9 months old already.  I can’t believe that a year is just around the corner!  She’s got 5 teeth now, and she’s just on the edge of starting to crawl.  She gets up on her hands & knees and rocks back and forth.  She’s just starting to take tiny steps while standing up and holding onto things too, and she’s always letting go, forgetting that she really doesn’t quite know what to do yet.

Tonight she gets to meet her Auntie Simone from New Zealand for the first time!






8 Months Old

  • August 22, 2009 12:59 pm

Another month has come and gone and Kira is already 8 months old.  She’s got two little teeth now, can stand up very well (although she can’t pull herself up yet), and is on the cusp of scooting around/crawling.  Her hair is really filling out and getting long and we’re starting to have to clip it back to keep it out of her eyes because we can’t bring ourselves to cut it yet.  She’s still the most awesome baby ever and goes to bed at night giggling away. 

Summer is nearing an end already and soon it will be time to break out the fall wardrobe.  That’s a good thing in this household, as Kira has almost outgrown every summer outfit she’s got and I don’t want to pay for anything new this late in the year.  Life is pretty routine for us, working during the week and resting on the weekends.  We’re trying to sell our house in New Zealand so we can pay off our house here, then hopefully be in a new place next spring. 

On an awesome news note:  In just over a month, Joseph’s sister from New Zealand will be here for a nice visit.  It’s been over 2 years since we’ve seen her (when we left New Zealand) and Kira can’t wait to meet her Auntie Simone.  Hopefully she’ll have gotten over her stranger anxiety by then, because right now she cries at most strangers who try to hold her (Kira, not Simone) 🙂






Teeth, a Trip, and Other News

  • August 3, 2009 11:54 am

Okay, I know I’ve been totally lax at keeping this blog updated lately.  I partly can blame Joseph, as he keeps commandeering my laptop for his own use and since my computer is never where I need it to be, I usually forget to keep up with things. 

IMG_1155Seven months have come and gone.  Sigh.  My awesome little baby is definitely growing up.  I love watching her develop and learn new things.  You can actually watch her face when she’s doing something and see her slowly catching onto something new.

StandingSTANDING UP!! Yes, indeed.  She is standing up, by herself, and playing at her little activity table.  She’s still very wobbly and can’t pull herself up, but once I put her in position, she’ll stand and play for quite a bit before she either drops to the floor or lets me know that she’s ready to sit for a bit.  She stands very flat-footed though, instead of on her toes, so it won’t be long before she’s doing this herself.

 TEETH! Kira cut her first two teeth. The bottom left came through on July 31 and the bottom right one came through on August 2. So far, aside from a bit more dribble and a bit more spitting up, teething has been very easy. 

Bath1Bath2Afterbath BATHTIME.  She loves her nightly bath.  I usually put her in the kitchen sink so I can get some tidying done at the same time, but she’s almost getting too big for it.  She also has now learned how fun it is to kick water out, which makes quite the mess.  I tried her one night in the big tub with her bath seat, but she didn’t like it at all.

PartyPARTY! Last week at work they had a surprise birthday party/luncheon for three of us supervisors whose birthdays were in June & July.  Part of the surprise was that they had our children brought in to participate, so when I walked into the room, there was Kira sitting in a cute party dress with a party hat on her head.She did so good with all the strangers at the party.  She occasionally cries at strangers (mostly white-haired ladies), but most of the time she just fixes a serious Joseph-stare on them and watches them intently.   She’s just in the beginning stages of stranger and separation anxiety, but so far it hasn’t been too bad.

SH1SOUTH HAVEN. This past Saturday we went with my mom & dad over to South Haven, a little town on Lake Michigan.  Basically it’s just a nice little day trip, where we get coffee, wander the shops and canal, walk out to the pier and on the beach.  Kira was all dressed and ready for her first trip to the beach.

Well, that was optimistic.  Sigh.  Even the end of July/beginning of August in Michigan cannot be counted on to be warm and sunny.  The day was slightly overcast, but by the time we got to South Haven it was raining, windy, and chilly.  So we bundled Kira up into a sweatsuit (winter clothes!) and went for dinner.  After a nice meal of perch and shrimp, the rain had finally stopped.  It was still REALLY windy though.  When we walked to the beach, the sand stung our legs and faces.  Kira did really well, she liked to try to eat the sand and seemed to enjoy the wind whipping through her hair.  It was a nice day, but unfortunate the weather didn’t cooperate.  I guess she won’t get to dip her toes in Lake Michigan until the next trip.






Six Months Old Now

  • June 26, 2009 8:09 pm

Well, I can’t believe that Kira is six months old already.  Seems like just yesterday I was still pregnant and waiting anxiously to meet her.  It’s been a fun six months.  We’ve gotten really lucky getting arguably one of the easiest babies (so far!).  She sleeps great, eats great, and is content and rarely cries.  So far she’s healthy and happy and we couldn’t be more thankful.  She’s pretty cute too.  She weighs 18 pounds 6 ounces and is 27 1/2 inches long.

IMG_0808 IMG_0873

Update on her milestones:  she’s sitting up better and better every day but her arms are still a bit too limp to catch herself when she tips over.  It’s kind of cute to watch her tip over and just fall on her face…although that’s always just an accident because I didn’t catch her in time.  Usually I grab her and set her upright before she topples over all the way.  She’s eating 1st and 2nd foods and moving on to 3rd foods next.  After a few weeks of 3rd foods I’ll start introducing table foods.  She does really well eating rice biscuits by herself, although a lot of biscuit falls back out of the mouth and all over the place.  She can roll over but doesn’t really want to bother with it.  She hates being on her tummy, so she has no desire to roll over and put herself in that position.

She had her first official swim this weekend.  We put her in her cute little swimsuit and dipped her in the pool.  She did not like it.  I think it was her frame of mind – she’d just got up from a nap and was ready for her bottle, so getting plopped into some water outside was not really going over too well in her little head.  We got some pictures and video and that the was the end of that “first”.

100_1240 IMG_0766 IMG_0762


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