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Pumpkins & Finger Painting

  • October 21, 2010 12:03 pm

We made the yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.  Well, it’s only Kira’s second year I guess and I actually got ZERO pictures of her with pumpkins last year, so really this is her first time.  She had a great time running all over the place carrying a corn cob (“stick”) and even picked out her very own little pumpkin.  She had an “I’m tired and want to do as I please” meltdown right at cider and donut time, so she didn’t get any…and we had to eat ours really fast. 

Daddy & Me

I got Kira some Crayola finger paints.  She hates having stuff on her fingers, so I set her up with paintbrushes, a big sheet of paper, and a paint shirt.  She happily painted away for an hour before I finally decided it was time to move on to other activities.  I couldn’t believe she’d painted only on the paper (and not on the table or the floor or any other nearby objects).  I’m hoping the next time will be just as successful.  If so, “finger” painting is going to be a God-send for keeping her busy.

Sometimes you just need a cookie…

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  1. Simone says:

    She looks like me after a painting session, paint on face, hands – colour everywhere. Great you found and activity to keep her occupied for a bit! She is very cutie pie with all the pumpkins.

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