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Happy Birthday Kira!

  • December 29, 2009 4:06 pm

Oh, I am so LATE in posting about stuff!!  It has been absolutely insane the past few weeks with moving into the new house, Kira’s first birthday, and Christmas – all happening at once.  And on top of that, we still don’t have internet hooked up in the new house, so being able to post has been quite the challenge.  So this will be the birthday blog.  I’ll do Christmas a bit later.

By the way… the move into the new house went very well.  It was tiring, but we’re happily [almost] settled and we love the house.  I did just realize that I don’t really have any pictures since things were moved in and set up, so that’s my next project and post.

Kira celebrated her first birthday on December 19th and we had a grand little party for her.  I had gone back and forth on the theme and cake style for months and had counted on being settled in the new house with weeks to spare so that I could practice my ideas and techniques.  Well…we ended up getting into the house a mere 5 days before the party and there went all my time to practice.  She ended up with a basic little cake decorated with fondant and adorned with a kiwi bird (to celebrate her ½ New Zealand-ness).






 We had a lot of guests (about 16 adults, 7 children, and 3 babies) and it was a really nice party.  I was able to scrounge enough time to serve the menu that I wanted, although it was exhausting.  Here’s the spread:  apricot-bbq kielbasa, bacon-wrapped smoky links, creamy bacon-filled crescents, fruit-mascarpone bruschetta, olive/prosciutto/provolone on rosemary skewers, ham & cheese balls (for crackers), fruit and cheese skewers, fluffy fruit dip, cake & ice cream, and an assortment of little delectables like toffee and fudge.  Yum!


 Kira wasn’t too sure about the whole opening presents part.  She was very interested in all the new stuff she was being handed by the kids who opened the presents for her, but she had no interest in trying to unwrap.  Too much trouble maybe…she’ll grow out of that!  Haha





And then….Kira had started getting a runny nose a few days before her birthday, but had no other symptoms, so I didn’t think there was anything to be alarmed about.  Her party started at 4:30.  At exactly 4:00 she started running a fever of about 99 degrees.  I still figured it was just a cold.  She was happy and pleasant the whole party, crawling around and playing in such a good mood.  But her cheeks were getting rosier and nose runnier.  By 7:00 her fever was 100.6 and she had developed a barking cough.  Just like that!  Guests started leaving around 7:30 and by 8:00 Joseph and I decided (at my parents’ urging) to take her to the emergency room to get that cough looked at.  My mom and dad (bless them!) stayed behind and cleaned up the whole party for us so we could go right then.  By the time we were triaged at 8:30 her fever was 101.6 and less than an hour later spiked to 103.6.  She was pretty pitiful but SO good.  She just laid on our shoulders and dozed in between interferences from doctors and nurses.  She got a chest x-ray (to rule out pneumonia) and a nasal swab (to rule out RSV).  They diagnosed her with bronchitis and croup.  They started her on albuterol breathing treatments, steroids, an antibiotic, and Motrin.  We had to stay for nearly 4 hours because they wanted to get her fever and heart rate down.  We got her home and in bed by midnight with a brand-new vaporizer.  When I checked her in the middle of the night, she was cool and feverless and sleeping soundly.  Whew!  Her cough and runny nose are still a bit lingering but now, just over a week later, she seems to be recovered.  Poor little birthday girl!

In other Kira updates, she is taking steps now 2-3 at a time and is saying a couple words:  “pretty” and “fishy”.  She got a goldfish for her birthday and every time we go in her room it’s “fishy” “fishy”. 

I will blog in a few days about Christmas, once I gather up all those photos. 

PS:  Grandma made that pretty party dress.  Thank you Grandma!


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  1. Grappa says:

    You forgot to mention in the first words category that she also says Chicken…or her version of it…

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