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Happy Thanksgiving

  • November 27, 2009 2:53 pm


Kira just celebrated her 11 month birthday (which I don’t yet have official pics for) and her first Thanksgiving.  We went over to my mom & dad’s about 4:00 for the traditional turkey feast.  Last year Kira was just a few weeks away from being born; this was her first time in person.  We commemorated with the official family “My first Thanksgiving” bib (complements of Grandma).  She ate her share of sweet potatoes, turkey, mashed potatoes, and baked beans…and the highlight, an ice cream cone provided by Grandma for dessert.  I couldn’t believe she ate the whole thing.  (Note to all who might think I’m a horrible mother:  there was only about a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream, the rest was just that flaky cone).






Today is the traditional Black Friday Christmas shopping frenzy … that I normally do not participate in.  Most of my BF shopping consists of looking through all the online deals to see if any are left.  However, today I’m going to take the baby after her second nap and head in to buy a few things (bath towels, shower curtains, and hopefully winter coats for me and Kira).  By early evening most of the crowds are fast asleep (since they start the night before with the waiting in line!  Ugh)

Kira is crawling all over the place now, standing on her own without holding on, and cruising around on foot while holding onto things.  She’s THIS CLOSE to walking.  I’d be surprised if by her first birthday she hasn’t at least taken her first step.  She’s also suddenly developing a bit of a temper.  The other night she was crying & mad because she couldn’t climb into her toy bin.  Today I had turned off her little musical table so that she didn’t wake Joseph.  She discovered when she pressed buttons nothing happened, and she just flew into a rage, pounding it with her little hands and yelling.  I had to cover my mouth so she didn’t see me laughing before I told her to stop.  It was pretty funny.





We’re really hoping to be in the new house by her birthday (12/19) and it looks pretty sure that we will be.  After all the run-around from the credit union on our mortgage, I finally called a  manager and escalated things and finally we should have a closing date by December 1st.  Hopefully we can close by the 11th.  We’re just waiting at this point, although we haven’t done an ounce of packing.  I’m not sure what we’re waiting for.  We did buy a dining room set, which is just waiting at the store to be delivered.  Appliances (refrigerator & stove) come next, and then a living room set.

Our new dining room set (marble tabletop with leather chairs)  100_2288

10 Months Old, Halloween, and a New House!

  • November 2, 2009 10:30 pm

Sorry it’s been so long!  Kira has just celebrated turning 10 months old!







She’s growing up so fast.  She can walk while holding onto things, sit up and crawl, pull up to standing…all in the past month.  She’s got six teeth now and is really good at munching on things, including you, if you don’t get out of the way fast enough.  She jabbers all the time, making all sorts of cute noises and “words”.  She imitates things that you do, which is really fun.  She just gets more and more exciting as the days go by.

Kira was a Tennessee Volunteers cheerleader for Halloween.  Joseph was a good sport and took her to several houses to get candy so I could snap some pictures.  Then we bundled her into the stroller with warm blankets for the rest of the evening.  She had fun though, giggling at all the activity and even stayed pretty good-natured being out past her bedtime.  Grama knitted her warm booties and a hat and made her some mittens to keep her from being too cold.









Our wonderful visit from Auntie Simone came and went.  We had a great time, took a small vacation, and just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.  She and my mom hit it right off.  It was very sad when she had to go back to New Zealand.  We’re really hoping to make it out there next year for a visit (while Kira can still fly for free!)

In other news, we’re buying a new house!  Yay!  It’s just finishing being built and it’s only about a mile away from where we live now, so it’s a nice convenient move.  We’re doing all the mortgage paperwork and red tape, inspections, etc. and if all goes well, by December 1st we’ll be tucked away in our new house.  I can’t wait!  More to come in pictures and news about the house.  Below is a quick photo I snapped of the outside…landscaping just went in and there’s a few finishing touches still to be done, but it shows the general idea…