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Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

  • April 17, 2009 7:00 pm

Kira just finished celebrating her first Easter.  She had a pretty little pink dress with pink tights and little white shoes.  Unfortunately, due to the chilly Easter Sunday, she had to cover her chubby little arms with a pink sweater.  But she was happy to pose for a couple of shots.  She emptied her Easter basket out herself; she’s just now starting to grasp things.

100_0868 100_0870

FINALLY the weather has become warm!  It got up to about 74 F (23 C for you metric folks) and nice and sunny with a gentle breeze.  We packed Kira up in her stroller and walked down to the nearby diner for a bite of supper.  It was a beautiful pleasant walk.  At the restaurant, Kira popped her thumb in her mouth and went to sleep.  She’s also just started sucking her thumb.  She shoves the thumb in and keeps her other four fingers straight up covering her face.

100_0888 100_0880 100_0892

Spoon training is still continuing.  Tonight she took quite a few bites and actually swallowed the cereal instead of spitting it out, so that’s progress.  I can’t believe she’ll be 4 months old in a few days and starting to eat solid foods.  Sigh – where does the time go?


I look just like my daddy in these sunglasses

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  1. simone says:

    Sigh, delightful as per usual!

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