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10 Weeks Old

  • February 28, 2009 4:46 pm

Time is just flying by. I go back to work in 3 weeks and I’m very sad about that. I can’t bear the thought of leaving her every day, even if she will be safe and sound with my mother. Sigh, oh well – not much can be done about it. I’ll just have to take plenty of pictures to put on my desk. Hopefully she won’t forget all about me.

Kira is 10 weeks old now. She is really getting interactive; she smiles and “talks” a lot now. She’s still really good about sleeping at night; not so much during the day, but I’ll take what I can get. Her hair is starting to lighten up a lot since birth. I think she’ll be a light brown/dark blond color rather than really dark like Joseph’s. She’s still very good and easy-going most of the time, but she’s starting to develop a little temperamental side as well.

Here’s her 2 month Sheep Photos that I didn’t get a chance to post last week:


And here are just some random shots:


Cuddling with Grandpa




Why am I sitting here and not eating?


Playing in cousin Isaac's car


I like Auntie Marianne


She refused to be happy in the photo for her "I love my Auntie" jammies


This was the only position she'd be happy in


Guys - there are bunnies on my feet!


Guess bunnies aren't so bad

2 Months Old!

  • February 20, 2009 8:25 pm

It seems impossible that two months have gone by already!  Yesterday was Kira’s 2-month birthday and today she had to go and get her first vaccinations.  Five vaccines in 3 shots.  It was pretty awful – she cried and cried, and almost made Mummy cry.  She’s got cute little Dora the Explorer bandaids on her legs now.  She’s doing pretty well, a mild fever and some fussiness, but hopefully that will be all.  She now weighs 11 pounds, 3 ounces and is 22 inches long.

She is now smiling and cooing and even laughing a tiny bit.  She can hold her head up really well and can even hold her weight on her legs for short periods of time.  She recognizes our voices and smiles just for us sometimes, which is really the neatest thing.  Overall, she’s the most fantastic little baby.


I was really tired; I refused to nap all day


A little smile while playing


Watching a movie with Mummy & Daddy


Contemplating seriously the whole "getting shots" thing


Still happy (haven't gotten any shots yet)


I'm strong & mighty riding on Daddy's shoulders

8 Weeks Old

  • February 12, 2009 11:27 am

Another week has passed in the Purkis household.  Not as uneventful as we’d like, though.  After a myriad of car repairs drained our bank account of $2532 today, life will be a little boring for us for a while as we cut back on fun stuff to replenish this cash.  Sigh.

On a brighter note:  Kira is now 8 weeks old.  Hard to believe how fast time is flying by.  She is very smiley now and is on the verge of squealing/laughing a bit.  When she smiles really big, a little squeak comes out.  She is sleeping through the night, but doesn’t like to nap during the day, so we’re working on that little hurdle.  She’s getting bigger and more sturdy, and it won’t be long until she’s rolling over and over…which sadly means we can’t lay her on things anymore and not worry about her falling off.


My impish little look




Does this outfit make me look like a boy? Really?


Apparently I am a little smelly

6 1/2 Weeks Old

  • February 4, 2009 1:45 pm

Not a lot to report on, just wanted to post some new pictures for everyone.  She’s doing great, weighed 10 pounds exactly at the doctor on Monday.  She’s a little rashy on the face and chest from typical newborn skin conditions, but otherwise no issues.  She sleeps through the night now, from about 10pm through 5 or 6am, so yay!  She smiles a lot now, although not always at a time when we can catch it with a camera.


Daddy, the kitty, and Kira watching a movie together


Kitty faithfully hanging out


Cute when asleep




There's a smile!


I love my grandpa