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5 Weeks Old

  • January 24, 2009 10:33 am

Kira had her one month appointment this week and everything checked out great.  She gained just under a pound (she’s now 8lb 11oz) and 1/2 an inch.  She’s still 1/2 inch shorter than she was at birth (due to her cone head at birth), but no one seems concerned.  It was clearly a big head! 🙂

She is smiling more and more and starting to make cooing sounds.  She also is holding her head up really good.

She now sleeps 5-6 hours at night before waking up, then another 4 hours after that, so that is helping her tired parents catch up on some rest.  She also spends more time awake during the day and likes to play on her playmat  (well, play, as in stare at the toys near her head).  However, the kitty has decided that “baby on playmat” equals “fun time for kitties”, because she stalks the baby’s feet from underneath the mat.  The kitty loves to carry around baby socks and now that all of a sudden those socks are kicking around all by themselves…well, it just adds to the fun.  She doesn’t hurt the baby at all and is just very playful, although this morning she actually stole Kira’s sock right off her foot!!


Bad kitty stalking baby's feet


Babies are fun to play with!


I'm just cute

1 Month Photos

  • January 19, 2009 11:00 am

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Kira!

She is starting to smile for real now, although not very consistently yet.  Her smiles are so pretty, I can’t wait until she does it all the time.

My dad is a semi-professional photographer (i.e., he worked for a studio doing weddings and has all the equipment), so he and my mom came over the other night for Joseph’s birthday dinner armed with cameras and backdrops to do Kira’s one month pictures.  They are always doing photo shoots of their grandchildren, so she’ll have to get used to it.

Here are a few of them.  I think they turned out beautiful, but I’m a little biased 🙂  Those sheep are going to be featured in at least one photo on her month birthdays so that I can see a progression of how she grows in relation to them.  We did the same thing (with a giant stuffed Eyeore toy) with my sister’s kids and it makes for a cute photo collage at the end of the first year.



4 Weeks Old and Joseph’s Birthday

  • January 16, 2009 9:56 pm

Kira is 4 weeks old today!  I can’t believe it.  Seems like just yesterday she was being born.  Time is really flying.  She’s doing really well, holding her head up a lot, following objects with her head and eyes, and looking at us.  Most of the time she’s pretty content and not fussy, although she does have her squalling moments.  She sleeps about 4-5 hour stretches every night, which is pretty fantastic.


Playing with my cousin Isaac (6 months old)


Napping in a cozy little ball


Sleeping in my crib for the first time


Playing with my panda and my New Zealand puppet


I love my daddy

Tomorrow is Joseph’s birthday.  I surprised him with a Playstation 3 as a gift, so now I will probably never see him again except when I pass by his chair in front of the TV 🙂  I was happy to get it for him, and it counts as both a birthday and an anniversary gift.  (Our 2nd anniversary is next weekend.  We bought my gift today; I’ll post next week with details on what it is.)


Happy with the PS3 (kitty peeking round the side)

We went out today to have birthday lunch and buy accessories and games for the Playstation.  It was -22 C this morning before we left…very bitter cold.  The only thing making it slightly okay is the wind was really low; otherwise it would have been even more intolerable.  However, by the time the sun went down, the air was so cold it hurt to feel it on your skin.  We kept the baby bundled and covered any time she came near the outside air.


Going to need a path to get firewood from the shed

Tomorrow I will be cooking New Zealand lamb for Joseph’s birthday dinner.  My parents will be coming to help enjoy it.  Neither have ever had lamb before, so hopefully they will like it.  If not, Joseph and I will eat it all 🙂

3 Weeks Old

  • January 9, 2009 7:32 pm

3 weeks old already!  Almost a whole month!  Sob   Time is flying, which is partly good because she gets easier to take care of as she gets older, but part of me wants her to stay little and squishy for a while longer.

Well, we survived the mall outing on Monday.  She was actually a good little baby.  She was a little fussy when we first got there, so my mom and I took turns feeding her in the cafe while we ate lunch.  After lunch, she fell fast asleep in her stroller and didn’t wake until near the end.  That’s when we discovered that we forgot to change her at lunch and she had wet all the way through her diaper, onesie, and pants.  She was pretty mad once we changed her and she was awake.  She cried so hard that she couldn’t take a breath, which sounds quite pitiful.  But other than the little glitch at the end, it was a successful shopping trip.


Ready to go shopping at the mall


My new outfit that Mummy bought


Yawn...why do people keep taking pictures of me?!?









On Tuesday she had a doctor’s appointment.  She’s only gained about 3 ounces in 2 weeks and shrunk an inch.  The loss of the inch is due to her loss of a conehead since birth, so that was okay.  The weight gain was not okay, as she’s still below her birth weight.  It basically confirmed that I was not producing enough milk to feed her properly (as I suspected), so we are feeding formula now.  I am disappointed that nursing (the most natural thing in the world!) didn’t work out, but bottles are proving to be much more convenient, so that’s a plus at least.  Other than her lack of weight gain, she’s in perfect health.  We’ll go back in 2 weeks to check her again.


Tired of waiting for the doctor now







She’s really starting to spend more time awake, so I’ve been trying to stimulate her by talking to her and having her look at her toy panda bear.  Babies her age see black & white best right now, so panda it is.  She stares at it for quite a while, and kicks and waves her arms and legs.  (Note:  I got that panda for 60 cents at a little secondhand store in Belmont (New Zealand).  We were fetching pizza from Hell one afternoon and walked past the shop and there was this adorable panda in the window that I felt sorry for and just had to buy.  Joseph still grumbles about it 🙂 )


Looking at my panda wore me right out


Talking to my panda


Check out my cool booties!







Tonight I gave her the first real bath.  She’s had a sponge bath or two, but I decided she was getting smelly and it was time to try out the baby tub.  She normally is fine during sponge baths, but she was very upset at the real bath.  I think it’s because I did it when she thought she should be eating, and she just wasn’t going to let me forget that I was simultaneously starving and drowning her.  But in the end, she survived and is now squeaky clean.


I hate this!


Still holding a grudge, even when I'm in my towel

2 Weeks Old

  • January 4, 2009 6:40 pm

Kira was two weeks old on Friday.  I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  She is doing very well.  We’ve had some feeding challenges, but we’re starting to get on top of those and on a smoother schedule, which is much better for our sanity.  90% of the time she is a very content, calm, happy little baby, which makes it so much easier.  We even went out to dinner last night and she slept right through it.

Today I took her to church for the first time.  I was a little nervous, since she’s not quite on a predictable schedule yet, but she slept through the whole service.  Such a good baby!


Pretty in my first Sunday clothes








Tomorrow I’ll be taking her on her first shopping trip to the mall.  My mom and I are going to try to find some clothes on sale, so she’ll be bundled in the new stroller and we’ll see how we do with it.

Here are a few more pictures to show cute she is! 🙂


Sleeping on daddy


Grandma knit me this sweater


Starting to be awake a bit more now


She likes to sleep with her arm under her face